Claims Service

Proud of our reputation for managing claims on behalf of our clients

Should the worst happen, or indeed if your loss is relatively minor, it is comforting to know you have a business partner like Kindlon Insurances who can help you through such a difficult period.

We can assist you in putting together a contingency or catastrophe plan to ensure your business survives a major loss such as a fire, and help you assemble a team of experts to enable you properly assess your loss and get on with dealing with customers and clients should such a disaster befall you.

In such cases we can often negotiate interim payments to enable you secure temporary premises, purchase replacement machinery, or indeed source alternative supplies to ensure you can meet your contracts and maintain customer loyalty. A major fire or other loss can destroy even the best insured business if its plans do not include such a scenario.

The ultimate test of any insurance broker is the support and assistance you receive when you have a claim. Kindlon Insurances are justifiably proud of our reputation for managing claims on behalf of our clients.

General Claim Form

Dental Claims Instructions


Find Your Dentist

Check if your dentist offers a direct pay service


Choose an option

Select the option that best suits your needs

Option 1: Direct Pay

When you attend any dentist on DeCare’s Direct Pay Network, you don’t need to fill out a claim form. DeCare will pay the dentist directly for the costs covered by your policy.

Option 2: Claim Back

If you can’t find your dentist above, no problem, just pay your dentist as normal and then claim back the costs covered by your policy.