Remuneration & Fees

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Remuneration & Fees

We may earn our remuneration on the basis of fee, commission and any other type of remuneration, including an economic benefit of any kind offered or given with the insurance contract.

Where we receive recurring commission, this forms part of the remuneration for initial advice provided.

In certain circumstances, it will be necessary to charge a fee for services provided. These are listed below. In other circumstances where fees are chargeable we will notify you in writing in advance and agree the scale of fees to be charged if different from fees outlined below. Where it is not possible to provide the exact amount, we will provide you the method of calculation of the fee.

Brokerage Fees will be non-refundable in the event of policy cancellation.

General Insurance Scale of Fees

  • New Business and Renewals for Private and Commercial Motor Insurance: Up to €50
  • New Business and Renewals for Household Insurance: Up to €50
  • New Business and Renewals for Travel and Car Hire Excess Insurance: Up to €20 Mid
  • Term Adjustments for the above: Up to €15

We reserve the right to amend these fees should the complexity of the product require a higher fee. We will confirm and agree this fee with you prior to any increased charge being applied.

Service fees in respect of commercial lines and general insurance may vary depending on a number of variables, the complexity of the case, time expended, risk urgency, seniority of staff involved and amount of commission receivable. The fee chargeable will be based on these variables and will be shown on your invoice.

Earnings disclosure in respect of Life Insurance, Pensions and Investments will appear in a product information document Summary details of these payments will be included in a product information document, under the Customer Information Notice section, which you are legally entitled to receive before an application for a product is completed. These payments are included in the charges of your product. Any ongoing commission shown in the Customer Information Notice will be paid to Kindlon Insurances as long as we continue to be your Financial Adviser. The full details of the commission Kindlon Insurances receives for Life Assurance products (excluding Company Pension products) will be included in your Welcome Pack which is issued to you. Details of company pension and bank products’ commission are available upon request. If we act for you on a non-commission basis, we will charge a fee to be agreed with you in advance. The fee will depend upon the complexity of the case, or to reflect value, specialist skills or urgency. If we do this we will provide you with a written estimate of this in advance of providing any business service.

In the event that fees or charges are payable to a third party in connection with arranging or renewing cover, these charges will be disclosed and will be payable by you.

Additional fees may be payable for complex cases or to reflect value, specialist skills or urgency. We will notify you in advance and agree the scale of fees to be charged.

Where an override commission is received, this will be disclosed to you in general terms.


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