Dental Insurance

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Dental cover will make your visit to the dentist stress-free as it will help you manage the high cost of routine dental treatment.

We all know how important it is to look after our dental health but dental treatment in Ireland is very expensive for both adults and children.

Most plans provide immediate cover for Check-Ups, Cleaning and X-Rays and also for emergency treatment immediately following an accident or injury. They include excellent benefits for minor treatments such as Fillings and Extractions and some of the higher plans include benefits for major treatments such as Crowns and Orthodontics (for children). Taking care of your oral hygiene now can save you a lot of money and discomfort in the future!

Kindlon Insurance have partnered with DeCare Dental as they are Ireland’s only specialist dental insurer.

DeCare has been providing dental insurance in Ireland since 2004 and is part of DeCare Dental LLC, who supports over 9 million members worldwide.

They have plans to suit both company schemes and individual consumers.

The Dental Plans

Adult Dental Plan

Our Healthy Smiles range of dental insurance plans can help to manage your costs, ensuring that you can take the best care of your teeth and your oral health.

Child Dental Plan

With our child only policy and 4 level of covers to choose from we make it easy for you to look after your child's oral health.

Corporate Dental Plan

TeamCare by DeCare combines a comprehensive range of dental insurance products with a customised oral health program, that will ensure that your team gets the very best from their plan and for their oral health.


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Dental Insurance

Dental cover will make your visit to the dentist stress-free as it will help you manage the high cost of routine dental treatment.

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