Motor Insurance

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Remember every element of motor insurance is carefully priced and it is essential you properly understand the cover you are purchasing.

Getting the best deal on your motor insurance is a yearly headache!

Direct Companies are offering what at first glance appear to be substantial savings without “un-necessary” extras.

Some of these “extras” are obvious, but without expert advice how can you decide which to do without?

But do their covers include:

  • Comprehensive Cover or Third Party Fire and Theft?
  • Fully Open Driving?
  • Business Use?
  • Driving of Other cars Extension?
  • Replacement Car Cover if your car is stolen or off the road following an accident?
  • Breakdown Rescue?
  • No Claims Bonus Protection?

Some of Our Services

A featured selection from our broad range of services and products 

Corporate Insurance

Group Dental Insurance

We all know how important looking after our dental health. Dental treatment in Ireland is very expensive for both adults and children. Dental cover will

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Global Employee Benefits

Kindlon Insurance Ltd is a member of Brokerslink which allows us to support Multinational Companies operating virtually anywhere in the world. We would be able

Employee Insurance

Group Risk

Employees are the most important wealth-generating assets of any professional firm or company, and protecting them has long been recognised as being essential in business.

Financial Services


Unfortunately for most people the State Pension does not provide a sufficient level of income for retirement.

Corporate Insurance

Liability Cover

Kindlon Insurances has the technical expertise, market presence and management capability to assist our clients in assessing these risks and devising appropriate programs to address